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About the company

Singh Study Circle is a name you can trust upon in regards to better academic future of your children. In the industry since 1985, Singh Study Circle has fully managed to provide quality and efficient teaching help to students for school curriculum as well as for various entrance exams. 

More than three decades old institute, SSC is running with the sole motive of developing student’s career with prospective academic approach and dedicated classroom sessions. Working from more than 30 years, the ssc has given successful career path to past students in the field of Medicine, Engineering,  Charted Accountancy, and MBA and so on. 

Having a staff of well-learned and highly experienced faculty along with state of the art architecture, SSC is able to provide astounding learning process to students. Faculty at Singh Study Circle comprises of subject wise directors having years of experience in successful teaching and making bright career of students with a right academic approach. SSC which has its three centers in Delhi endowed with goal-oriented classrooms, audio visual study technique and other modern facilities is strive to provide quality education to students. 

Why Are We #1

  • Unparallel Results: SSC offers high success rate on the part of students. The institute witness long standing trust from parents who were also a part of SSC and now their children believing in trusted teaching methods here.
  • Dual Teaching Methodology: We understand the importance of time and efficiency that allows us to introduce Dual Teaching Method. In this, we teach both the school curriculum and entrance exam preparation at the same time.
  • One to One Doubt Removal Session: Since, every single student studying in SSC is crucial for us. Therefore, we believe in taking care of each and everyone and regularly hold one to one doubt removal sessions with them.
  • Study Material: At SSC, you have a chance to study the latest and updated study material which is also available online for your easy access.
  • SMS/Email Alert for Exam Notification: We provide SMS along E-mail notification facility for any upcoming entrance examination.
  • Regular Assessment and Appraisal: Empowering students to do well in studies is the sole motive of Singh Study Circle. Taking this thought into concern, we offer regular assessment of students and provide regular appraisal for their outstanding growth.
  • Best in Class Faculty: Since, providing quality education at any cost is one of the objectives of SSC. Therefore, we have the best in class faculty including the subject wise directors.

Who We Are

  • Singh Study Circle is a trusted name for students preparing for CBSE Board Examinations and for other Competitive Exams. Having head office at Prashant Vihar and two more branches in Delhi, Singh Study Circle is on run to provide quality education to students in order to get future success ahead.  A pioneer institute since its inception in the year 1985, has raised the bar of teaching process by adopting technically advanced ideologies like Audio visual techniques, updated study material and time management.
  • The institute is set up with the sole motive of making students feel competitive and highly focused towards their goals along with sharp thinking to achieve the same. With the advent of systematic teaching methods, experienced set of faculty and modern infrastructure, Singh Study Circle is able to make its special place for students to gain sustained confidence and skills for the

Our Mission

Mission of Singh Study Circle is not just to let you prepare for exams and score well, but also enables you to stand out as professional in a real world.  Having wide teaching experience of more than 30 years, SSC indulges in bringing out the best in you. We simply emphasize on quality training methods, strategic planning, practical applications and conceptual knowledge that allow students to do best in exams.

Singh Study Circle help you qualify for entrance exam in a shortest possible time by providing unique approach in teaching methods and learning sessions. A structured and well planned education system that we have at Singh Study Circle led you to the path of success.

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Why Choose Us

Singh Study Circle a pioneer study institute running successfully since 1985 and have given quality education to over 40,000 students since its inception, is a one stop academic destination for students because of the following reasons:

  • We at SSC have skillfully organized academic structure that helps students to learn hassle free without finding confusion.
  • Highly experienced and trained faculty is one of the forte of Singh Study Circle that enables you to take admission in such a reputed institute.
  • SSC provides fully competitive study atmosphere to students who are willing to stay ahead in studies. 
  • Availability of relevant study material, test papers, online dashboard for assignments and several other is given that allows you to prepare for both school as well as competitive examinations in an ideal manner. 
  • State of the art architecture and easy accessibility provides optimum convenience to students.
  • Special set of doubts sessions are also provided to clear queries or any sort of question.
  • Strategically located centers close to various transport mode is an essential point that make students to take admission in SSC.
  • Proper guidance is given especially in matters of choosing preferred choice of course in college or institution based on your previous academic background.