Post Graduation Courses in India

Post Graduation Courses in India

The ever growing importance of Post Graduate courses in India is not an overrated fact. A post graduate course not only helps a person to widen his knowledge but also makes him more effective at his work. Moreover, a person with a post graduate degree need not to start from the lowest rung when he/she sets out to work. Post graduation degree/diploma gives that necessary edge to a person. Indian Universities keeping with the high demands for post graduation courses now are offering these courses in almost all those disciples of education earlier in which only undergraduate courses were being offered.

Some of the popular Post -Graduate courses in India are as follows:


M.A. Arabic

M.A. in Communication

Master of communication studies

M.A. English Language & Literature

M.A. Economics

M.A. French Language

M.A. German Language & Literature

M.A. Hindi

M.A. History

M.A. Journalism

M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication

M.A in journalism and Mass Media

Master's Degree in Journalism

Master of Journalism with Cinema Studies

Master's Degree Course in Journalism and Mass Communication

M.A. Linguistics

M.A. in MCM (Mass Communication and Management)

M.A. Malayalam

M.A. Music

M.A. Psychology

M.A. Philosophy

M.A. Politics

Post Graduation in Hindi Journalism

M.A. Russian Language & Literature

M.A. Sociology

M.A. Sanskrit

M.A. Tamil

Master of commerce (Advance 
Accountancy and Business Management) 
Master of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) Master of Professional Accounting 
M.Com - Master of Commerce 
M.Com Co-operative Management 
M.Com-Education Management 
M.Com -Financial Management 
M.Com- Marketing 
M.Com -Computer Applications 
M.Com -Accounting & Finance 
M.Com- Banking & Insurance Management 
M.B.A - Master of Business Administration 
Master of Business Management (International) - Finance 
MBA (International) - HRM 
MBA (International) - International Business 
MBA (International) - Information Systems 
MBA (International) - Marketing 
MBA (International) - Hospitality and Tourism 
M.A(hons.)- Finance 
Master of Finance and Control 
Master of Business Finance 
Master of Financial Administration 
Masters in Financial Analysis and Control 
MBA (Public Health Infor
MBA (Health, Hospitals Phar
M.A.ceutical Management) 
MBA (Management of Services) 
MBA (Pharmaceuticals 
MBA (Capital Markets) 
MBA (Actuarial Science) 
MBA (Global Business) 
MBA (Retail Management) 
MBA (Services Management) 
MBA (Banking) 
MBA (Family Business and Entrepreneurship) 
M.B.M - Master of Business Management 
Master of Management Studies 
Masters in Tourism Management


MS General Surgery 
MS Anatomy 
MS Ophthalmology 
MS Orthopaedics 
MD General Medicine 
MD Physiology 
MD Pathology 
MD Obstetrician & Gynaecology 
MD Anesthesia 
M.Ch Pediatric Surgery 
M Ch. Plastic Surgery 
M Ch. Thoracic Surgery 
M Ch. Genito-urinary Surgery 
M Ch. Neuro Surgery 
M Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery 
D M. Cardiology 
D M. Gastroenterology 
D M. Nephrology 
D M. Neurology 
Master of Dental Surgery -Orthodontics 
MDS- Oral & 
M.A.xillofacial Surgery 
MDS- Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics 
MDS- Periodontics 
MDS- Prosthodontics 
MDS- Oral Pathology & Microbiology 
M.D (Ayurveda) - Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda 
M.P.T - Master of Physiotherapy 
M.O.T - Master of Occupational therapy 
M.Pharma - Master of Pharmacy 
M.H.A-Master of Hospital Administration 
M.V.P.H- Master of Veterinary & Public Health 
M.Sc Nursing 
Master of Technology-
M.Tech (Civil) 
M.Tech- Electrical and Electronics 
M.Tech - Electronics and Telecommunication 
M.Tech - Mechanical Engineering 
M.Tech- Aeronautical Engineering 
M.Tech - Automobile Engineering 
M.Tech - Chemical Engineering 
M.Tech - Marine Engineering 
M.Tech - Industrial Engineering 
M.Tech - Computer Science 
M.Tech - Nuclear Engineering 
M.Tech - Mining Engineering 
M.Tech - Telecommunication Engineering 
M.Tech - Agriculture Engineering 
M.Arch - Master in Architecture