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Career Mapping Test at SSCCareer Aptitude Test is a psychometric test where in the student or candidate answers a set of questions that helps maps the inherent Aptitudes. Here Inherent Aptitudes are those talents that the individual is born with. The presence of certain Inherent Aptitudes helps an individual to learn or do certain task or activity easily. Similarly the absence of certain Aptitudes makes it quite frustrating for the individual to learn or do certain tasks or activities.Career Aptitude Test is usually an objective type test, where the student or candidate is asked questions based on certain situations. These questions are not ordinary questions; they are specially framed questions by expert psychometricians where the respondents answer helps in correct mapping of his/her Aptitudes.  Why Career Aptitude Test?Career Aptitude Test is a much needed tool for any student or candidate to find out their best fit careers. These are those careers where the student or candidate would find happiness and joy while working. In these careers the student or candidate would enjoy doing their work and can become extra-ordinary performers.Career Aptitude Test should ideally be taken while the student is still in school or college. This test would help identify the core strength areas of the student. If someone could not take the Career Aptitude Test at the school or college level then one should take this at the initial stages of ones’ employment. Benefits of Career Aptitude TestCareer Aptitude Test is a much needed tool for any student or candidate to find out their best fit careers. There are many benefits that can accrue to a student or candidate once he / she takes the Career Aptitude Test, firstly the student would come to know of his/her Strengths. The knowledge of ones’ strengths is a huge positive and helps an individual in making ones’ priorities clearApart from this a good Career Aptitude Test not just merely tells the Aptitude score of the individual but goes on to provide recommendation about the various different courses orcareers which are best-fit for the individual.